04/07/2007 Update:

8PSK-to-USB2 adapter is discontinued.
New revision of adapter (
8PSK-to-USB2 Rev.2) is available.

Changes in Rev.2:
  • adapter is smaller (0.4" shorter)
  • provides higher output current
  • cheaper (current price is $199)

Check "Product Comparison" section for brief comparison chart of all genpix products.
All products now use the same driver (Unified driver).

8PSK-to-USB2 Rev.2 does NOT work with old driver for discontinued 8PSK-to-USB2 adapter.
You have to use Unified driver.

03/14/2007 Update:

MyTheatre 3.38 now supports all genpix devices.

03/09/2007 Update:

For those of you who plans to use Genpix SkyWalker-1 with CaptiveWorks CW-3000HD receiver:
On March 4th, I released a new version of Genpix driver (this is a Unified driver, which supports all Genpix devices).
I'm sure that this new version of the driver did not make to any official Linux kernel versions yet.
You need to download the latest software update from CaptiveWorks web-site  (with latest kernel revision) to be able to recognize SkyWalker-1 device.

03/03/2007 Update:
Genpix SkyWalker-1 is my latest design.
This is standalone advanced USB DVB-s card (read details in "What is SkyWalker-1?" section).
This receiver was designed to work with PC, and provided drivers work on PC only.
Few working samples were built (I soldered them myself). Professional manufacturing is planned (in 4-8 weeks).

02/22/2007 Update:
For those of you who are sending me questions "how to connect 8PSK-to-USB2 to FTA receiver ?":
This adapter was designed to work with PC, and provided drivers work on PC only.
As of today,
CaptiveWorks' CW-3000HD is the only FTA receiver which was proven to work with such adapter.
The reason is simple: this receiver is a custom PC running Linux (and 8PSK-to-USB2 adapter is already supported by Linux).
As for other FTA receivers, you have to ask their manufacturers (not me) how to connect external DVB-s card to these receivers.
Presence of USB 2.0 connector in the receiver does NOT make it compatible with all USB 2.0 devices.

02/01/2007 Update:
New FPGA project is used on adapters shipping since the end of January, 2007.
This project improves the stability of DSS QPSK reception.
As a result, new Firmware is required - version 2.2.x.
This firmware is backward compatible with older FPGA project (previously shipped adapters), and it would not change the behavior of the adapter.
Thus, if you have just one adapter (older version), firmware update is not necessary.
In case you have several adapters of different versions, update is recommended.
To utilize the new firmware features, new TSReader driver is released.
There are two versions included in the ZIP file (check details in the Software section).
Minor changes in DVB dream driver ver.1.2.3.

09/12/2006 Update:
Major Driver, Firmware and application Device Drivers update - download full package here.

Windows Driver
- new GUID is used (to avoid conflict with other "generic" hardware).
Old driver should be uninstalled (instructions included).

- supports more modulations now (* - added in this version):
  • DVB-S (QPSK)
  • Turbo-coded QPSK
  • Turbo-coded 8PSK (wider range of SR is accepted)
  • Turbo-coded 16QAM
  • Digicipher II Combo*
  • Digicipher II Split (I/Q)*
  • Digicipher II Offset QPSK*
  • DSS (QPSK)* - (you need DSS-to-DVB plug-in and Phoenix interface to plug you subscription card in)
Firmware version could be checked by Application Software now (click "About" from main menu in TSReader).
Upon successful lock, Firmware returns the actual tuner frequency.

Device Drivers - new GUID. Thus, they are
incompatible with old Windows Driver.
Some minor changes to support new Firmware functions.

GPreset - new command prompt utility to Reset Firmware (resets internal variables, switches OFF power of 8PSK module and LNB).
Utility allows to reset the adapter after crash of DVB application. Works only if USB communication is still alive. Otherwise, power-cycle is the only solution to reset the adapter.

09/02/2006 Update:
New device driver for DVB dream v1.2 is here.
Make sure that you download the latest firmware as well (two lines below).

08/31/2006 Update:

Added support for one more modulation - DSS QPSK - download.
You can listen to all radio channels and listen to AC3 sound tracks of TV channels (audio tracks are not scrambled).
Or you can watch all the channels you subscribed to (you need DSS-to-DVB plug-in and Phoenix interface to plug you subscription card in).

Now the list of supported modulations is much longer:

Turbo-coded QPSK
Turbo-coded 8PSK
Turbo-coded 16QAM
Digicipher II Combo*
Digicipher II Split (I/Q)*
Digicipher II Offset QPSK*

* supported in beta driver only (I would make official release as soon as I have enough positive confirmations)

08/17/2006 Update:

New experimental Firmware/Source.DLL allow to use DigiCipher II modulation.
I need volunteers to check this new build.
After correction of possible bugs I'll release Linux FW and instructions how to use new features.
Please keep in mind that previous Firmware/Source.DLL did not make a difference between Turbo-coded FEC QPSK and 16QAM modulations.
Also, Auto-FEC was always used for QPSK.
New version of Firmware/Source.DLL use explicit transponder configuration. You have to use correct FEC (or Auto), and correct modulation.
I'm waiting for your feedback.

06/03/2006 Update:

Yet, another firmware version was released today.
It supports Turbo-QPSK with FEC=2/3 and FEC=7/8.

06/01/2006 Update:

I got new power supplies. And they seem to work fine.
Even more, these new power supplies have 4-pin Molex connector. Thus, I don't need to put MINI-DIN-8 connector on the board anymore. As a result, price on Power Supply option is getting lower :)
$20.00 instead of $22.50

05/31/2006 Update:
I'm temporally out of Power Supplies. I have them on order. But it's a different vendor and I have to test them first.
For now, I have Power Supply option disabled.
You still can place an order (if you plan to use your own PS).
I'll let you know as soon as I'm done with testing of new Power Supplies.

05/29/2006 Update:

8PSK-to-USB adapter is now working with DVB-Dream.
This is very fast developing and very promising
MPEG-2 HDTV playback in DVB-Dream uses about twice less CPU resources (compare to TSReader).
MPEG-4 support is coming...
New Firmware allows to tune to transponders with Turbo-QPSK modulation.

04/19/2006 Update:

I recently bought several new DishNet 8PSK modules from distributor.
I just added an option to buy a module together with adapter (I'll charge DishNet list price - $100, with no extra shipping cost).
Canadian buyers have to assume higher customs fees, though.
Please, don't ask me to sell module alone. If you want just module, call your DishNet provider.

04/08/2006 Update:

Few customers reported the intermittent problems with latest FW/DLL.
I compiled slower version of I2C communication between adapter and 8PSK module for them.
Apparently, it helped.
I can not reproduce this problem at my end (both versions of FW are working fine here).
I can see the only explanation: I'm electronic engineer, I have a habit to use proper grounding and avoid ground loops.
I always use UPSs for all my PCs (and all periphery used by PC is powered by the same UPS).
I even did a partial AC electric wiring replacement in my house myself.
So, if you have intermittent problems with full speed FW, and don't have them with slower version, you probably have noisy (electrical) environment.
You have two choices:
1) fix the grounding, and get rid of ground loops
2) continue to use slower version, and fix the noise problem later
Slower I2C (100kHz) version of FW is here.

03/11/2006 Update:

New versions of firmware and DLL are available.
Check "Software Update" section.
Code name of new release is "TSReader on steroids" :-)
One could observe 5-20% reduction in CPU usage on high bitrate HD channels.
Speedup is due to relocation of some routines from PC's code into firmware.

03/06/2006 Update:

New versions of firmware and DLL are available.
Check "Software Update" section.
Recently, I was informed about small TSReader bug: when you set a recording of already running program on another transponder (from EPG table), windows starts second copy of TSReader without waiting for first copy to quit. As a result both copies send conflicting commands to the adapter (which causes NO lock error).
This is a unique situation. This does not happen when you start second copy of TSReader manually (from command prompt, for instance).
I added a counter of Driver Handles into firmware. Together with new DLL, they handle this conflict.

I'm sure Rod would fix this bug soon. But for now, you can use this quick patch.

02/18/2006 Update:

For next batch I use second revision of PCB.

Changes: modified some footprints (to simplify soldering), and added optional DIN-8 power connector.

Big changes: I can not find power supplies at old price anymore. And I don't want to increase the price of my set either. Thus, I decided to drop the price of my adapter down to $290, and make power supply as an option. You are wellcome to use your own power supply (1.5A at 12V, 2.0A at 5V) - for instance, from external Hard Drive. Or for additional $22.50 you can have a matching set.

You can view new board in "What is 8PSK-to-USB2?" section.

02/13/2006 Update:

Yet another Source.DLL update (found a bug, 22kHz tone did not set properly).
Now it's fixed.

02/12/2006 Update:

New versions of firmware and Source.DLL are available.

Check "Software Update" section.

02/08/2006 Update:
First batch is nearly gone (I have two boards left in a "safety pool").
I'll start next batch in about two weeks.
As soon as they'd be ready I'll send out e-mail notification to all subscribed to "Mailing List"

01/30/06 Update:

I have 6 boards in stock now.
More boards are on the way (February 1st, I expect the rest of components to finish other boards).

Payment options:
1) PayPal
2) Money Order
3) Personal Check (7 days clearance for personal checks).

Make sure you fill the Postal Order form on my site if you plan to send MO or a Check (I'll reserve a board for you and decrement the Stock counter).

I'll ship via USPS Priority Mail.
Shipping is $9.50 (you would see this amount at the end of the order process).
Insurance is NOT included (but highly recommended).
Add $4.70 to the total amount if you want insurance.

01/24/06 Update:
Lucky me! :(
UPS lost my package (order from Mouser Electronics). According to UPS, it would take up to 8 days to find it or officially declare it LOST.
I have an option to repeat my $400 order from Mouser (though with the risk to have some extra components worth of extra $400, if UPS finds the lost package).
Good news: most expensive components (from Digi-Key) are already here.
And I already started to stuff the boards.

01/22/06 Update:

Website got a new look :)
Drop me a note if you find bugs in the layout (site still is under construction).

01/16/06 Update:

In preparation to commercial release of genpix 8PSK-to-USB2 adapter (guess, this is a name which I would use from now on) moved the site to external server. My home linux box is getting slower.

01/15/06 Update:
As you may know, about a week ago Rod received one of my boards.
He is testing it now. He helped to discover two minor bugs (in firmware and in my Source code).
Both are corrected already.
As of now, board successfully tunes and receives signal in QPSK and 8PSK modulations. DCII is still no go.
Nevertheless, hardware design is finished. All future updates (for instance, DCII support) are for the driver only, hardware modifications are not required.
I already ordered most of the components, they should be here in 5-8 days.
Would start soldering very soon.

01/12/06 Update:
Received 11 requests for the board so far.
Thus, I'm going to order components for 15 boards.
I'll post an update as soon as I make them.
If there would be more then 15 orders (when I finish assembly), people who sent me e-mails during these days would have a preference to buy.
Thanks goes to Rod (TSReader author) and to those who showed interest in my design.


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