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Version 0.0.3 of StreamReader_SW3 for CrazyScan is released.
Added TS streaming (full TS) capabilities. Here is a screen shot of TS streaming from CrazyScan to TSReader (UDP-Unicast source is used for that):

To complement a new SkyWalker-3 firmware version (see post below), StreamReader_SW3 for CrazyScan is released. Extract both files from this ZIP archive and place them in the same folder where your CrazyScan application is located (you may need to rename/backup your main StreamReader.dll, since provided DLL file supports SkyWalker-3 only).
Version 0.0.2 is the first public release of StreamReader_SW3 for CrazyScan, let me know if you find bugs. In the next versions, I'm planning to add BlindScan2 functionality, as well as TP streaming.
"StreamReader_SW3 for CrazyScan" is a strip down version of a traditional StreamReader, only functions used buy CrazyScan are implemented (hence the name). Don't expect compatibility with all other DVB applications (yet).
Check CrazyScan section for details and INI file description.

Firmware 2.05.7 for SkyWalker-3 is released. Added support for Blind Scan.
Since format of the Tune command is changed, it makes this firmware version incompatible with older TSReader and DVB Dream interfaces. New firmware and compatible interface versions (both are ver. 1.0.4) are in the Software Updates section.
Blind Scan is available in DVB Dream starting from version 3.0 (see screen shots and brief description)

Here is a preview of upcoming CrazyScan interface for SkyWalker-3.
Similar Spectrum Acquisition and Blind Scan capabilities will be implemented in the upcoming SW-3 interface for DVB Dream ver.3.0.
Blind Scan capabilities will be enabled in firmware 2.05.7 (firmware update utility will be posted soon).

New version of Windows WDM drivers was released. They support all Genpix devices, and are based on Cypress generic USB driver ver.
Software Updates section has links for drivers for various Windows versions (between Windows XP™ and Windows 10™).

SkyWalker-1 and SkyWalker-2 are legacy models (production is discontinued, but they are still serviced/repaired).
SkyWalker-3 is advanced DVB-S2 USB 2.0 card and is the only currently manufactured Genpix device.

Payment options:
1) PayPal
2) Money Order or Cashier's Check
3) Personal Check (7 days clearance for personal checks).

Make sure you use a Printable Order Form on my site if you plan to send MO or a Check (I'll reserve a board for you and decrement the Stock counter).

Domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (the next day after PayPal or MO payment).
For international orders, there is a choice between USPS First Class International and USPS Priority International. As experience shows, both methods take exactly the same delivery time to Canadian address, and since last year both methods have the same on-line tracking visibility. Shipping price of a small package (under half pound) is noticeably cheaper for USPS First Class International, thus, it is a preferable method for small orders.

Shipping within USA is $10.50 (you would see this amount at the end of the order process).
Insurance is not included (but recommended).
California residents pay 9.00% sales TAX (effective April 1st, 2013).

Shipping to Canada starts from $16 (even PayPal charges me more for cross-boarder transactions).



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